We foresee the future to give you an edge

We are an agile, heterogeneous and flexible company: since 2016, we faced any challenge together with our clients, our teams of professionals and in partnership with the most innovative companies in the Italian market.

Our team consists in: PMOs. business analysts, cyber security specialists, service manager specialists.

integration Partner Digital Consortium

Bteenking is part of an integrated consortium of 4 companies with excellent internal expertise.

One of the main goals of the Consortium is to promote the growth of the member companies through communication initiatives and the exchange of best practices and know-how, sharing the skills developed by each member.

Beyond Digital

Behind Bteenking there’s a team of people with diverse cultural backgrounds and shared values that allow us to work and grow together, for and with our customers. Our values reflect what we are and our approach to customers and projects.

Our Values


We make wise decisions despite ambiguity, locating the root of the problem. Strategic thinking is the basis for identifying the actions to be taken immediately and subsequent improvements.


We listen carefully, we fully understand different points of view and we respect any person regardless of status.
We manage stressful situations in an effective, balanced and calm way.


We perform constantly and optimally, carrying out a large amount of work in a short time.
Colleagues and customers can fully rely on our work.
Our focus is on the result


We learn quickly and with enthusiasm. We constantly inform ourselves about market changes, to make an innovative and updated contribution to the development of our customers' strategy


We give practical solutions to challenging problems, we suggest better approaches and create innovative ideas. We minimize complexity and we take the time to simplify, keeping our method agile.


We say what we think even though it is controversial and we are not afraid of making difficult decisions. We risk in an intelligent way, never taking actions that are conflict with our values.


We are persistent and pursue excellence in what we do, inspiring others to follow our goals and aiming for the success of our actions.
We celebrate our victories and those of our customers.


We are honest and straightforward. We express our differences of opinion with respect, pursuing transparency towards our customers and our colleagues. We admit our mistakes and do our best to make up for it.


We do the best for Btinkeeng, abandoning the selfishness of the individual and the whole team. We help colleagues to research new ideas, sharing the information available openly and proactively.