We design concrete solutions with you

Your roadmap towards digitization


We design our strategies through a process involving exploration, innovation and co-creation together with our customers, with an eye on the human resources, the processes and technologies employed.
The proposed strategy is based on three key points:

Long-term vision and solidification of value in time;
Strategy structurization from a step-by-step persective and with close attention to the roadmap;
Cooperation and co-creation of the most adequate strategy together with the clients, to better understand their needs and KPIs.


We follow the implementation and the execution of strategies with attention to results and constant improvement.

After we structured the proposed strategy, Bteenking identifies the most suitable tools and technologies to realize the strategic plan with project and performance management activities, organizational interventions, KPI definition and so on.

Bteenking works with innovative technologie and tools, implementing artificial intelligence processes, RPA, IoT and other technologies for company digitization.


We contribute to the development of organizational culture enhancing the company’s core skills and passing on approaches, best practices and methodologies for the growth of human resources and talents.

To constantly monitor performance indicators is not enough. Rahter, it’s fundamental to correlate data and to thoroughly analyze the results of every action to understand whether all the strategies are matching the expectation, whether there is any area we should refocus our attention on or if we should partially adjust the plan.

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