Don’t settle for the bare minimum. Do it for your customers.

Not only providers. We walk with your business along the whole journey.

Strategy Consulting

Not only technical support

Our consultancy activity identifies and pursues the evolution of digital tools to support the strategy and the operations. Our goal is to redefine the board’s strategic focus through the most innovative, scalable and integrable digital technologies to support your business.

Digital Strategy

Digital strategy is an adventure: the destination is important, but it’s the actual journey that matters to reach the goals.

Digital Transformation

We provide the necessary digital technologies to make digital transformation concrete, enhancing internal knowledge and empowering companies.

Data science

We analyze data to maximize efficiency in all the most innovative industries: from Cloud Computing to Machine Learning, AI, IoT and process automation.


We strive to give life to continuous innovation, fostering ideas, solutions and cooperation among colleagues and external networks (universities, startups, innovators, PMOs).

Change Management

Beyond Consultancy: a Partner for you innovation

We contribute to the development of you organizational culture and strengthen the core skills of you company. We pass approaches, best practices and methodologies on to you company to allow for the structural growth of human resources and talents, as well as for our customers’ business processes.

Project Management & Coaching

Our project managers, experts of different methodologies such as Agile, will support you to face all the complex challenges posed by digital projects, ensuring strong interconnection among systems, people and IT technology.

Organization Re-design

Processes and organizational structures are the infrastructure every business relies on.
Their correct analysis and the re-design of working processes are fundamental to better support digital transformation.

Expertise Development

We analyze and evaluate the team’s skills and talents. We create expertise models in line with the needs of our customers and develop education programs to reduce potential skill gaps hindering the strategy implementation.


Don’t choose among privacy or security: take the best of the two worlds

The experience we earned through the several projects we took care of for ICT architectures, enterprise application strategies and the constant tech update, allowed us to develop a solid internal know how to face increasingly competitive market challenges.

As for security, we offer services for several areas. Not only infrastructural support: we also protect data and their integrity, allowing for continuous workspace digitization and guaranteeing a constant workflow.

System Improvement

We improve business processes' performace through the implementation of new cloud technologies and robotic automation. We streamline workflows, digitizing procedures thanks to the application of AI.

Custom software development

Understanding business processes is the key to success even in the most critical implementations. That’s why Bteenking supports its customers with end-to-end process analysis, by also collecting all the requirements.

User Experience

Following the user digital journey is our daily challenge. Once designed, we validate UX and the application use cases through prototypes and internal tests. To deliver the project we use statistical and qualitative analysis to further improve the UX.

Audit and IT assessment

A precise risk evaluation is fundamental to identify whether an activity or a process are adequately protected. We follow a structured approach to ensure protection.

Cyber security service operations

Our proactive service includes a highly specialized global team to provide IT protection components. We are equipped with international quality control certifications.

Legal advisory

Bteenking provides also compliance and legal consultancy related to IT security to ensure concrete and efficient solutions even when faced with the chance of cyber threats.

Your business applications in harmony with your work